Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm prospecting from a top secret location, along with dozens of other people. Can't say its that remote, what with mobile coverage.
Prospecting is a lot like fishing. Lots of time in the sun. Nothing happening pretty much most of the time. Rare bursts of excitement. Its also like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Looking for tiny bits of glass like rock, amongst other rocks and broken glass. Yeah, there's a fair bit of broken glass out here of the beer bottle type.
I have found a couple of small stones though. To small for anything except to say I found them.
Unfortunately even out here there are generators running.
Most people are camped on the hill tops so the noise carriers. Being no a hill top also lets you find your camp again. Lots of gullies to go prospecting in. You can wander a fair way.
One thing that is missing out here is water. We had to carry all our water in. So our stay is limited to when that runs out. Probably this weekend.