Friday, January 2, 2015

Urana, Boree Creek, Narrandera

It was quiet when I rode into Urana. Ok, it was early in the morning, but it didn't change as the day lengthened.  I stayed in the park, until after lunch, when a bus of young guys arrived. Well lubricated, they were having a good time, and wanted everyone to know it.
I headed out towards Boree Creek and found a camp. Very quiet; only saw one car pass by.  Needless to say, my NYE was very peaceful. The weather was dry, with no wind. I left the fly off the tent, and went to bed early. Woke a few times to watch the stars.

The ride into Boree Creek had me wondering if I was on a road, or just going through a farmers paddock.

There is a sculpture in Boree Creek of a swaggie. Very well done I thought. The same artist also created this at Morundah:

With a couple of 42C days forecast, I decided to spend a few days resting at Narrandera.