Friday, January 16, 2015

Condobolin, Bogan Gate

With lots of looking at the weather, the map and the weather again. I planed a route to Condobolin that would have taken two days. Some of it was to be on dirt roads, but when I arrived at the first one, it didn't look promising; standing water, sticky mud, and signs saying "Dry weather road".

I stayed on the tar and arrived by lunch time.

The old telephone poles. Easy height for horse back?
So, on to the next town. I had to be in Sydney by the weekend, so needed to pedal more. But..

Australia has a few fences. The Dog Fence, and the Rabbit Proof Fence. Where they cross roads, there is a gate. Australia has a slang term "Bogan".  So, when I saw the town Bogan Gate on the map. I had to go there. Sadly it was disappointing. No fence. No Gate. No sign. No Bogans. Nothing. I met other travellers later who were just as disappointed. There is a small town there, but no one about when I stopped. Thought there would be something to cash in on the tourist appeal of the name.  From the Wikipedia entry, the residents in places with the word "Bogan" in their name have lobbied to have a name change. They don't want to be associated with Bogans.

Was nothing to do, but ride on in the showers.