Saturday, January 10, 2015

Narrandera, Barellan, Weethalie,Tullibigeal

Meet up with Tim the Tourist in Boree Creek before going to Narrandera We first met up Far North Queensland last year. Kept in touch on email. First time I've met another traveller in two states. Hung out, ate too much, drank too much, did some chores, and had an enjoyable time. Also avoided riding in the 42C days. Ended up staying longer than I'd planned as the temps stayed high. But eventually, it was time to go.
I was glad to get away from the caravan park. Had the idea the owners hate having people there. Bins not emptied, lights not working, taps leaking, coin BBQ swallowed coins, and failed to start, toilets without paper, toilet block locked. And the constant, 24x7 elevator music. Arrrgggh. Not one I'd stop at again, even though it was near the lake and town swimming pool.
Riding; start early in the day while it's cooler (25c), stop by lunch time when it really heats up (38c). Sweat lots in the heat and humidity. Batten down for the passing storms.
Pass through small dying towns each day. The buildings closed. Weathered and fading signs showing the business that once existed there.  The servo is going as well. No people needed. Replaced with a credit card browser.
Had a moment walking into a shop yesterday. Something has happened somewhere and the morning tv show was in full overblown emotion showing. The serious, shocked, outraged looks on the presenters. The shop staff clustered around the tv, not to miss anything. TV flashes to photos of men with beards and headwear.  That is when I walked in, still covered up, to order a burger.
Need to keep track of the days better. Tullibigeal. Nothing is open on the weekend. And today I just found out is Saturday..

Edit: Not true. I was to early for a weekend. The Tullicafe opens everyday. They make a great burger. 
There should be a lake behind that sign. Been a bit dry lately.