Monday, December 22, 2014

Tumut, Batlow

A forestry road near Batlow, Tumut
Grrrr. Another midnight wake-up on the way into Tumut. Have people never seen a tent? Why is midnight the time to visit?
Tumut, nothing special. Food, water, then off towards Batlow. Given where I'm headed, there is a lot of up hill, without much down. Seem to be spending more time walking than pedaling. Narrow roads, lots of traffic. 4x4, logging trucks, semi trailers.  I bail off to have a rest under a tree. The day drifts into afternoon, then evening. I stay, watching the trees, clouds and butterflies. One night, two nights. Third night, kids turn up (again!) at midnight! Sleeping I don't hear them arrive, but yelling, car doors slamming, and music wake me. In the dark, they don't see me. I sit and listen to them. Lots of swearing; every second word. Is this how they talk all the time? After an hour, they leave and I fall back to sleep.
In the morning, with water running out. I continue on to Batlow.