Sunday, December 14, 2014


Woke this morning to the birds singing in the trees. Looked out over the fields and breathed the cool morning air. Faint accent of hay. Peaceful start to the day.
120 km to get into Canowindra. I didn't take the short way. Will only stay a few hours before heading further south.
Weird thing leaving Orange; had a squeak. I thought it was the bags rubbing the plastic tubing on the rack. Eventually I decided to do something about it, and found to my horror that the rack was loose. Not just mildly loose, but really really loose. All the bolts holding it on. And the bolts on one side of the front rack. I checked everything then. Only the rack bolts, and only the one size Allen key. Someone playing a prank I think. They would have needed more than an Allen key to remove my racks. Only could have been the last night in Orange, as when I used the Troll during the day all was fine.
I'll check squeaks sooner next time!