Thursday, December 11, 2014

Molong, Gumble, Cudal, Orange

Thanks to the kind hospitality of Orange resident William, offering a place to stay. He had room inside, but I choose the back yard. I like my tent, my home.
A day of rest, then back out. William weighed my gear, 40kg back wheel, 24kg front wheel, and me. "Too heavy" was said. He was to wise not to comment on my weight, but did say he weighed less.
I think I influenced him though. He took his heavy bike for the ride out with me.
Not enough low gears though. He struggled to stay behind me on the hills. Had to rush to the top and rest till I arrived.
After William turned to return home, I continued to Molong.
The road to Gumble looked quiet, so off I went. And soon had problems. Flat tire. I couldn't figure out how, as it was a long cut in the direction of the tube, on the inside. Patched it. Got 10km, patch it again. New glue this time. Stopped for the night near Gumble. A locality now with only the community hall left.
Next morning all started good. Till another deflation. I changed the tube, and changed course to return to Orange. No other bike shops for a long time, so better to get a spare tubes now.
The new tube lasted 20km. This time I was sure it was the rim tape. Added duct tape over the top, and got another 15km before flat again. Never had I so much trouble with rim tape, tubes.
The last 30km into Orange was slow. Walk up hills, pumping the tube up, roll down. Repeat. It felt good when I arrived.
Bought new cloth rim tape, spare tubes, glue and patches. Hopefully it's all sorted now.
I couldn't impose on William again, so a night in the van park before I head out again.
Williams heavy bike
Once it was called a tap...