Friday, 27 September 2013


Riding along a stretch of the bike path, I notice the trees have yellow strips painted on their trunks. Looking across the canal,  I think their days are numbered.

Hunting about online, I found it is part of work Sydney Water is doing for a Cooks River remediation project -   Along with replacing the steep concrete sides with a more natural rock bank, the non native willow trees will be replaced with natives.

So, definitely progress :)


  1. I does look good but it would surely be better if they found a way to retain the trees. In this expedient days trees are often seen as easily replaceable and in a local blinkered view they are. The trouble starts as we widen our view and realise that each one of these was probably 20 years old and somewhere else out of our view another similar tree has just been yanked out and transplanted. The result is still a 50% loss ie we could have had two trees absorbing carbon, providing habitat and soon there will only be one. :(

  2. Went back recently and there is a sign up explaining the tree removal. So I wasn't the only one wondering. Yes some of the non natives are being removed, but they claim 80,000 natives will be planted to replace them. I wondered how they counted them all..


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