Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be careful what you wish for

After missing the cooler weather down south, I traveled south. And got cooler weather in abundance.

-8C  Definitely cooler.  Found lots of exciting things: throwing water on the windscreen was a bad idea - it just froze and just made the ice layer thicker.  Wiper blades froze onto the windscreen and don't move. The water washer also froze. Ice is very abrasive - I now need new windscreen wipers..
The taps outside froze solid - so check for running water before taking off your clothes for a shower.  My van is unheated - so stuff inside froze also.   More than one blanket was needed.  Getting up and running to the shower block in thongs was guaranteed to give you frozen feet before you arrived.  Leaving the shower, wet hair froze on the run back. 

Was an interesting experience.  One that I'm not that keen to repeat. 

I like cool times, but sub zero temperatures - I just don't have the gear for enjoying it.