Thursday, September 12, 2013

Farewell Barraba

After leaving Far North Queensland, I decided to travel back to Barraba for a bit. Arriving in town on Thursday morning, I walked about asking if anyone knew of any volunteer, casual or part-time jobs going. Well, within the space of an hour, I was hired.

It was to have been an easy casual position: waitress/kitchen-hand. But that quickly changed and I found myself with the title 'Manager', planning, directing staff, and making changes.  Looking back on the time now, it was fun and exciting. Long hours but ultimately rewarding.

I was only to have been working for a couple weeks, but ended up extending my time to a couple of months.

If your ever travelling up near Barraba, phone up and book a lunch, or stay at The Playhouse Hotel

And this is where I am now...