Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tenterfield - Gold Coast

Sat out the Xmass and New Years period in a bush camp up near Tenterfield. Was a quiet time for me. The first week was mostly showers, which meant it was cool. It fined up and heated up in the second week, but still night time temps were under 20C. Something nice about snuggling into the sleeping bag in cold weather.

The fine weather gave me time to wire up a second battery in the van and try it out. The technical stuff: I've a Ctek 250s Dual charger, an Exide 105 ah AGM battery, and a Sharp 130W folding solar panel. Still new, but it certainly keeps my phone charged.

Found this bug wandering about the grass up near Tenterfield.   Wasn't hard to miss with its bright colors.

I think its the Red Jewel Bug.

I'm down on the Gold Coast now, visiting friends. Not really enjoying the record heat wave temps though.  Looking forward to when it cools down.