Saturday, February 2, 2013

Farewell to Gold Coast, back to Sydney

Well, had a delicious home cooked farewell dinner, and then left the Gold Coast for the trip back to Sydney

Doesn't it look delicious?
My trip into Sydney was delayed a bit by the record temperatures forecast. I was still up near Armidale at that time and decided to stick around up in the mountains and not experience 46C temperatures.

First item of business was to get the van serviced. I mentioned to the guy that recommended Bears Auto Clinic for getting my windscreen fixed that they did a terrible job. (See here for the full story.) He immediately called up Bears and spoke to them, then told me to go around and talk with them. So I did. I didn't expect much from this. As I complained when I picked the van up about only fixing part of the windscreen and not all of it. Was told then that it would have cost more to fix all the window, even though the quote has "Rust around front screen" on it. Not: rust on bottom of windscreen. So, went around and spoke with Michael (again) at Bears. He was all sorry that I'd had a bad experience, blamed everyone else: the window installers (leaking windows), and the paint suppliers (rust started within a month of the paint inside the van), and promised to call me back after speaking to them. That was last Thursday morning.  Lets say I'm still waiting for his call.