Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poor Value - NRMA Vehicle Inspections

NRMA has vehicle inspections.  "For peace of mind when buying a used car .."

Sounds like a good idea?


Its not worth the paper its printed on in my opinion.

Why? You'd imagine that the qualified mechanics would be checking for some exotic engine or body damage that us untrained plebs wouldn't know about.

Nope. They only do a visual inspection. So, if you can see it, so can they. And to top that all off, they don't even do a good job at that.

I had thought that the "putting the vehicle on the hoist and looking underneath" might show up stuff I couldn't see. In hindsight, I could have just driven spent a bit more time on the ground with a torch and mirror.

Looking over my van while washing it, I found:

This was on the roof

At the top of the back door.

Top of back door again - not much paint from the factory.

No mention of this in their visual inspection.

Okay, I missed it also in my looking over, but I'm not a paid professional at this.

Hindsight for this was that I should have done more research about what the NRMA inspection is about and what it does and does not do. Maybe if I had of done this I would have saved my money, and just gone on my own visual inspection since the result is that its my problem in the end.