Wednesday, June 6, 2012


At the Bidjar Ngoulin hut, on the way to Collie, i decided that I was over the Munda Biddi trail. Number of reasons. It was increasingly like a tunnel under the trees. It was cold and damp. And probably the most important one: I was tired of following those little markers. While there were less trails to get lost on as the Munda Biddi progressed, there where many times when I was lost, and had to back track. Other times wondering if I was on the right trail, as it had been a while since I'd seen the. marker. The mining and logging diversions also was annoying. There was another near the hut that I would encounter if I continued. So, after looking a the map, I returned to Dwellingup and headed west. I immediately felt much better about the trip. Also got away from the set routine of making the next camp site. This is my time to pick a point. The info for the Munda Biddi says the purpose built campsites are an easy day apart. They are not. There are other campsites you must use, that don't have the hut and water tanks. All up the ride was good. I was told that further south it opens up a lot more and isn't so hilly. Maybe next time I'm back over this way I'll try again. I do think that the time I was riding it isn't the best. It was dark, cold and damp a lot of the time. Anyway, I'm off it and heading east. And a town i just had to visit was Wandering. Not that there was a lot there. Even the post office was getting renovations so wasn't open. The caravan park was shut for the long weekend. But still, it was a good ride.