Saturday, 9 June 2012

Narrogin to err Perth.

Well the weather has been cloudy and windy. Boy has it been windy. Missed that spending all the time down in the gullies. But up top now, sheep, cattle, wheat, oats and canoloa fields, lots of space for the wind to get up some speed. Its not holding back. There is a real roar to the wind in the trees. Cause, that isn't helping my forward speed at all. No matter how many bends I go around, it almost always seems to be a headwind. A few side winds for variation, but never(?) the dreamed about tailwind. 

Ah the wind. With a poor choice on the camp site, the flapity flap, flapity flap of the tent added some music to the night. 

Showers and rain joining the wind, and they are going to be keeping company for the next few days. The farmers will certainly looking forward to the rain. Not sure that I am...

Then a surprise. After updating email in Narrogin, Jen messaged saying she was coming for a visit. I thought it was a long way to drive myself, but sat about chatting with the guys in the information center until she arrived. 

Jen is not a camper. I tented, she slept in the car. (Actually, didn't sleep). Then the plan on what to do was bandied about.. Jen was very persuasive. She brought cookies.


We did a bit of a road trip. Stopped in Pingelly for some food. Looked at some of the old time buildings that haven't been painted in a while. 

Then stopped in Perth for a day or two. 

Not surprisingly the south is increasingly cold, wet and windy at the moment. North should be warmer, dryer, maybe not as windy? Actually, its going to be just as wet and windy for the next week up there as well. But it won't be so cold.  


  1. Hey little girl - would you like some cookies? (stranger danger stranger danger!)
    Next thing Megan wakes up back in Perth as if none of this travel stuff had ever happened! (Well besides the soaking wet tent tarps)

    Camping is seriously overrated, I thought to myself while bouncing around on one foot in the middle of the night (in the rain), trying to not pee in my shoe while discovering "behind the tree" is always an euphemism for "bull ant's nest"

  2. I'm on the other side of the world in Leicester, where they had their "SUMMER" riverside festival today - freezing cold at only about 10 degrees, though the rain has stopped for a change. I'm glad I'm not camping.


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