Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The days over the weekend were quiet. Not a lot of traffic on the roads, and the towns were like ghost towns. I did start to wonder if anyone was still living in them. Not a sole to be seen. I'd roll in, find some water and roll out. Had my first over 100km day in a while. Wanted to stop at the 80km mark, but no where to camp. Low lying land, with out any bushes. With the recent rain, it was also damp. When I did find a spot, it was near the road, with old tin cans scattered about.

From days when tinnies where really tin. Not sure if the aluminium cans will rust away. Mingenew was the first populated town. It has the distiction of having the largest grower supplied grain store in the southern hemisphere. Last year over a million tons was harvested. So much that some had to be discarded, there wasn't any storage left.

Its also in the area for wild flowers, but I'm about a month too early for that. With all the grain, you'd think it would go by rail.

The building looks too small and dated. And the rail like is too. Trucks rule the transport here, following the unused rail line into Dongara. Todays ride, Dongara and back. A nice 80km mail run. I didn't warm to Dongara at all. Was happy to get the mail, but, it was too busy. The Brand Highway passes through it. Lots of road train traffic, then all the caravans and camper vans. I had my tent out drying in the park. Council worker come to tell me I couldn't camp there. All the taps have no handles. And the servo's charge for air. The only thing anyone could tell me to see was the marina. In the end, to touristy for me. I headed back out to Mingenew. Its been fine the last few days. Going to miss it. Rain is forcast again.