Monday, January 10, 2011


Well arrived in Sydney on the Monday, and then left to go camping up near Lithgow with Claire. We rode a track towards Newnes. Twas a nice track. Had to unpack the bikes and carry the gear and bikes past a few obstructions. Lucky for two of us - the Yuba is a bit heavy for me to lift on my own over some things - like fence gates. Also with two, we were able to lift the bikes over other obstructions without unpacking them. For a four day trip, I had a lot of failures in the footwear departmeent - my Shimano sandals and thongs broke. Both held together by cable ties quite successfully.
Now in Sydney - have started replacing or upgrading gear. Thermarest is in for a warrenty claim - its got a large bubble in the middle of it. Might go a lighter version or foam when or if it returns. Need to patch holes in the tent. Replaced the crank puller with the way lighter Shimano version. 5mm thick steel knife sharpener is being replaced with a 50gm version. Folding knife that doesn't lock shut is being replaced with one with a better lock so it stays shut when it should.
Aslo culling over weight items. 0.5kg of paper converted to pdf. 0.5kg bag of string chopped to just one piece for the clothes line. Clothes that are too worn but still carried are discard and replaced. "spare" clothes that never been used have been given away. Spare fuel bottle is gone. Keeping the 650ml bottle only. Blue Ortlieb bags are gone - cut down enouth bulk to shove everything into the panniers.
Had 26kg when left Brisbane - thats before food and water and includes pannier weight. Will see what it all weighs when I leave Sydney next. Will be about for couple of weeks.