Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bye bye Yuba

Changing your bike again!!!

Yeah, been a few changes over the past year. Each time I thought it was the "right" decision. What can I say - I make some bad decisions. But am learning :)

The Yuba definitely rides smoothly. Nice bike for cruising along. Also works well for carrying what ever you want. No worries about the strengh of the frame. Going to miss the solid no flex rack.

Am currently back on my old Aluminium MTB frame. The Yuba is on ebay and has offers so it will sell. Why the change? Number of reasons.

The extra length touring causes me problems. About town I can't get into some lifts, going through bicycle path squeeze points - it doesn't make it. I have to lift the back wheel up and move it to make it around. This also happens on the wheel chair ramps. The weight of my gear and the bike and the length don't make it easy for me to do this. Not I'm not in town that much, but the lifting and moving it affects me even in the bush.

Can't lift it over a fence easily. Noticed this more on the Lithgow trip with a friend on a standard length bike. Two of us managed, but I wouldn't do it on my own. (Actually, I can't lift the Yuba easily even when unloaded.)

I've no hope of getting it on a plane because of the extra weight and the length.

Yeah, the extra weight - noticing it more that I'm in Sydney. Places I've cycled lots. I expect to travel a certain speed and with the Yuba that isn't possible. Interestingly this didn't bother me in the country. So think its just I'm "back in the old places".

So after anguishing over it for a few weeks, its back to the MTB frame.

My old MTB without the wrapped frame.