Thursday, December 30, 2010


Left Bylong early on a cloudy day and was riding to Jerry Plains. But on the way I met Graham from James Estate Wines out for a ride. We rode along and chatted. Graham also rides mountain bikes. He suggested I stop in and say Hi to Jan, as their cellar was open that day. Glad I did. I met up with Jan when I was in Stonehenge. She was on a bus going to the Birdsville Races. She didn't get to Birdsville, because of the rain, but I didn't know that.. Stayed and chatted for some time. Ended up leaving with a bottle of Verdelho. (Had some last night - it was good. Everyone liked it.)
Further down the road I found I missed the turn off I wanted to take. The Golden Highway was busy, with no shoulder at all. After half a km, I wasn't keen to keep going towards Jerry Plains, so turned back and ended up heading to Muswellbrook. Much more pleasant road to ride on. The only down side was the strong head wind all the way. It was a pedal down hill day.
Muswellbrook has City Rail trains to Sydney. But, only a few trains a day. I arrived at 4:30pm, the next train was at 9:00pm. From there to Hamilton to wait a hour for the next train towards Sydney at 11:37pm. Sydney City Rail service has a few weaknesses; no staff, no station announcements and no indicator boards. Past the time that the train was to arrive, a train arrived, and I foolishly got on it, only to find that I was heading back towards Muswellbrook. Bailed out at the next station, and rode back to Hamiltion Station. One of the first times I've used my mobile phone and Google Maps to navigate about in suburbia. The next Sydney train was at 2:38am, but it didn't arrive on time either. Arrived at Morisset Station close to 4am. Since I often wake about this time, and had had no sleep, I bunked down on the station bench until 6am for a short nap.
Currently visiting friends at Morisset for a few days, before heading to Sydney.