Sunday, October 25, 2020


Time has flown. A lot has changed, and then not much at all really. I had planned to leave Sydney last summer and head south when the bush fires up north where easing up. But delayed and delayed. Then lucked out, as the fires flared, and then raged down south. If I would have of left, I'd have been one of the evacuees so publicly rescued from the beach. So I counted myself lucky that I stayed.

And then, COVID started.  So I waited again for the situation to settle. And waited, and waited. And I'm still in Sydney waiting. 

I've restarted walking again. During 2020, I injured over and over, and at one point decided to abandon walking and return to cycling. But I'm a reluctant bicycle rider these days. Traffic volumes are up, perhaps more so now with everyone avoiding public transport.  But it's not the cars I'm afraid of. It's the drivers that terrify me. Too many can't resist the lure of the mobile phone screen, when they should be paying attention to driving. How much attention will they pay on country roads when there is less traffic? 

So, no plans as yet for leaving. The pandemic situation is going to continue for some time. This is the new normal. So we all have to adjust to the changes. I'm staying in a friends house, and have settled into a daily routine I'm comfortable with. 

All up, I'm taking each day as it comes.