Sunday, January 31, 2016

Who needs a ute?

Specially when you have the Kmart Bike - which I've taken to calling the Huffymobile, because "Huffymobile" rolls off the tongue easier than "KMart Bike" or "Tourexmobile".

Helping a friend with a guttering job. Picked up a ladder, guttering and other bits from the hardware. Wasn't the fastest trip, but easier than carrying it by hand. 

I raised the seat, so the load is flat. Tied it down firmly onto the seat, and closer handlebar. The far side was looped around the grip, but not tied.  I could pull on the rope across the load to hold the load on, and to turn the bars to steer around corners.  If it had been tied down firmly, no turning would be possible. 

We spent two days to complete the guttering job. Mainly because the afternoon thunder and lightning storm interrupted us just after lunch on day one. By the second afternoon storms it was all done, and we could sit back and admire our effort and bask in the feeling of a job well done.