Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yoghurt and Sauerkraut

More food!  Been a big week. Bread, yoghurt and sauerkraut.
Home made yoghurt. Made with powdered milk. I'm onto the second batch now, this only lasted two days before being eaten.  Kept well, considering no fridge - kept it in the shade during the day after making it.

Making it was easy. Mix up the milk, add some vanilla, then boil it.

An important step. Not only does it sterilize the milk, but some reading says that the heat changes the protein, to help it 'set' later (if all goes well). Other people say it doesn't matter that much for commercial milk. Not sure how much heat is applied to powdered milk, but I need to boil anyway to sterilize the water.

Wait till it cools to blood temperature, then add in two tablespoons of Jalna Low Fat yoghurt, and mix it well. Then keep it warm for 6-8 hours. I wrapped it up spare clothes.  Made it in the morning, and found it set the next morning when I checked.  It may have set by the afternoon - but I didn't check.  Keep two spoons to make the next batch.

I used Jalna low fat yoghurt as that is what I had. I like Jalna yoghurt; Australian and simple. No thickeners, gelling agents, nothing artificial, no colours, no preservatives, no stabilisers or emulsifiers. But any natural yoghurt would work to provide the culture.

I'll try making yoghurt when travelling - will be a bit more messy as the best time for the temperature will be during the day. But then it will shake about on the bike. Probably will not 'set' in that case. But hopefully will still be 'yoghurt'. Thinking a bag might be better - then can force the air out and it will not splash about.

Also have a two batches of sauerkraut fermenting. Ideally they should stay a few weeks before being done. But since I'm leaving soon, I'll eat one later this week. Might try the other in a bag on the bike also..

Looking forward to being mobile again.