Monday, March 23, 2015

Detoxing naturally

The weekend is over and I'm feeling shiny! Nothing like a good detox and cleanse to revitalise you for the week. Yep, had a honest and authentic detox happening Sunday. Out with all those toxins and pollutants. And today I'm feeling fantastic! The difference is amazing.

Mine was not one of those wimpy celebrity detoxes.  No days of just drinking juices. No lists of allowed foods or forbidden items. No special meal plans. No costly books. No special shakes. It didn't cost a cent. And, no willpower required at all! During my detox, food was the last thing I was thinking of.

But wait, there's more!

I lost a bit of weight. A modest amount, not just the water, but definitely fat. The detox process included a full body workout. True, it was tough and tiring working out. Every muscle is exercised, even the ones I didn't know I had. But the result speak for themselves. All that sweating like a pig; you could just smell the toxins oozing out, and feel the calories burning up.

I'll admit, that there were times when all I wanted was a long hot shower and some sleep. But with no hot water on tap, it wasn't to be. Boiling a litre at a time wasn't going to cut it.  And I thought my usual cold wash might be a bit too bracing under the circumstances. Can only cleanse so much at once. Be nice to your body. Best not to over do it all at once.

If I had my choices, I'd have run the detox during the day, rather than starting after sun down Saturday night. But once started, there was no stopping it. You just have to keep going till you're out the other side. Expelling toxins takes some effort. This detox needed a full 24 hours to run its course, though only the first 12 hours were really full on.

Arh, the joys of it all. Nothing like a 2am rushed stagger to the pit to know your still alive. When your colon's going eight rounds against the duodenum, it's such a relief when they both pass out. Keep up the supply of fluids though. It might feel like its just flowing straight through, but really, its cleaning. Flushing out the toxins and pollutants. If you've ever tried cleaning up a dirt spot with just paper, you know you need water.  Hot is better if you have it, but any clean water will do in a pinch. And don't be shy with it. Drink plenty. Add a bit of salt, and sugar to the water. With all the cleansing happening, you'll need some salt.

By sun up Sunday morning, the bulk of it was in the past. The rest of the day was catching up on sleep, and some gentle eating - plain boiled brown rice and sweet potato.

Unfortunately I'm not sure what triggered my detox.  But I'm not going to worry about that. It shows that my body is working at peak efficiency. It knows when to start detoxing.  No effort from me required at all.

Aren't I lucky?