Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shitake mushrooms

I finished the packet of Shitake mushrooms yesterday. Delicious fungi. Snip the top of the packet, and pour some into my daily stew.  Usually, a packet finishing isn't note worthy, except it signals the end of mushrooms for some time. Small town shops tend not to stock such exotic fare.
Yesterday though, idly waiting for the stew to boil, I was reading the back of the packet:

"Contains desiccant sachet inside.

That sinking feeling... I've not seen that sachet. Fishing frantically through the days stew didn't find it. I'd not seen it on any other days. But I wasn't looking for it then either. Pour in, quick careless stir, lid on till it boils, cool and eat. Not noticed it. What would out look like after a boil? Couldn't have tasted too bad.. Maybe this packet missed out.

Maybe that was why I want feeling the best a few days..

I'll be more careful in future.

-1C this morning with fog. Feeling energetic, so today will continue the pedal north to where it is warmer.