Friday, June 6, 2014

Bingara, Warialda, North Star, Goondiwindi, Moonie, Miles, Taroom

Well, woke up and it was -1C with fog. The forecast the the next day was -2C with fog.  Seeing the trend, I decided it was past time to be moving north. Bingara was set to have 5C without fog. All the more reason to shift.  Easy riding, with a nice camp on the river edge.

Then on through Warialda and towards North Star.
Thats me :)
The last time I was in in North Star the caravan park had closed. So I camped outside of town. That's now changed and its reopened. 
Start of Leichhardt Highway
I was recovered from whatever was ailing me previously, but still wasn't making large daily distances. Previous rides through here had longer daylight hours. Winter: the sun rises at 7am, and is gone at 5pm. So I worked out my days to match. Averaged a relaxing 80km a day.  Passed locations of previous camps, and had to find new spots.

Just daily cycling. Empty mind at times. Enjoying the sun, sounds, sights and smells..