Monday, May 26, 2014

Burning Mountain

The new Exped tent was horrible. Was kicking myself for not checking it closely after getting it. In the new model, the mesh doors have changed to cloth. I can't see out, and it's warmer, not something I wanted. Needed to change it. Seriously needed to change it. Took a bit of effort, but now I've a MSR Hubba Hubba; the old style; the green one. Mesh doors and I can see out.
In the tent change over time, I saw a Doctor. Thought I had the flu, the nose was sore, but it wasn't like a flu in the sinus. Turns out its not the flu, but an infection inside the nose. On antibiotics that are working really well. I'm wondering why I put up with it for so long! Though, either the infection or the antibiotics are making me really tried. Only managed 50 km today. Will be taking it easy until it's over.
At a nice noisy camp near the highway tonight.Couple more before I find can get on some back roads.
Note: Burning Mountain rest area has toilets, but no drinking water. Fill up in Scone.