Friday, May 23, 2014

Almost Done in Sydney

From the Six Foot track, I stayed in Lithgow to meet up with a friend for the weekend. After that, road to Glen Davis, then passed through Glen Alice, Rylstone,  Bylong and Muswellbrook. An easy ride to places I've been before. Was nice to be out on the road again. Predictably I struggled with fitness, but did manage a 100km day without too much effort. I needed to return to Sydney for some personal matters, but also because my gear was falling apart; tent leaking, stove leaking fuel and bike breaking spokes.

Black spokes; a mistake on my last wheel build. When wet, the water sits where the spokes cross, and they rust. Weakened, then snap at the cross over point.  New spokes are double butted, stainless steel. No rust!

Stove; I changed seals and wanted to get a replacement. Ended up getting a bit of an overhaul and more than one seal changed.

Tent; It was still under warranty. Exped replaced the tent with the newer version of the same model. Neat. Its a bit lighter as well.

So, that took care of the gear. I've done some house sitting, house repairs, and had a dose of the flu.

But now I'm back on the road.