Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sydney Early Preparations

Still hanging about in Sydney. Been reading a lot, walking, riding and experimenting with a new cooking setup using alcohol stoves. Had me collecting aluminium tins for a bit and making different stove models. After a lot of trying, I'm going to stick to my MSR for cycling. Alcohol stoves have their place, but I prefer the MSR experience.

In the new year I'll be on the road again (More on this in another post). With that in mind I started testing my gear out. Some of it hasn't rested well. First time using the MSR stove, fuel sprayed out of the adjustment knob. Seals had gone hard with age. I suspect that the heat of inside the van didn't help them at all.

Not to worry. Had this happen before and it was soon fixed and a great meal cooked up.

I had hoped to do some hiking, but having troubles with a sore back. Even when carrying a light day pack. Its only when carrying a pack. Cycling is no problem. In fact, cycling seems to make it better. So, going to give the hiking idea away for the moment and continue with cycling.

Will be staying in Sydney for the Xmas period. I have some things to do early in the near year, and traveling outwards from Sydney at Xmas time with all the crowds heading out for holidays, finding a spot close by, and then travelling back with the crowds doesn't appeal to me.  With all the people that leave, Sydney will be quiet. So I'll stay about a bit longer.