Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sydney bushfires

The weather in Sydney has been unusual. This day, we had hail:
The next, it was over 30C.  

My house sit finished, and my plans for bush walking have been put on hold. I held of leaving because of the number of fires about, and that was a good decision. Most of the Blue Mountains is burning now. All the National Parks are closed also.  At this rate I'll not get to go until next year.  Though, the way the winds are, everything might have burn't out by then...

In the mean time, I've been wandering the streets. Walking and cycling. In a car park in the city, I found these bird houses?

The wall also had this mural.

This load bike was in another car park in an industrial area. I wondered what they carried on it.

A stop to read the paper.

Having seen lots of the motorcycle pizza delivery, this was pleasing.  This was in the CBD area.