Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wallabadha through to the Gold Coast

Creek at Wallabadha
Well its cooler up high. Temps been dropping to 3C overnight. And had a few light showers. No problems in the metal tent for water getting in, but it has been a bit tough getting up and moving early.   I have found condensation down low in the van - on the bottom of bottles and tins in my storage system. I'm not sure if this is from my breathing in the van - without the window open, or just from travelling from low areas to high areas with cooler temps, and not adequate ventilation to dry it out. I opened out the storage area and it all dried up, but the next night it was back again. Will need to keep an eye on it.

After the cooler weather, I dropped down to the coast for a night near Byron Bay. Much warmer at 18C.  Seemed lots of angry people about when I was lunching in the park. Guys yelling aggressively at one another. Pushing, shoving, name calling, lots of expletives. Uncomfortable to be around, so I didn't. Diving out, passing the servo another blue in progress. Yicks - what was it with Sunday?

Now staying with friends for a few days on the Gold Coast before deciding if to just head up the coastal road, or to track inland for a bit.