Thursday, May 9, 2013

On the road again.. Broke

Well, time to farewell Sydney again and head north. First stop for the day is my old favourite: Broke

A bit or history for the place. Its certainly a lot smaller now.

Found the above information board near the new bridge Looking at the water flowing underneath, I dare say it was probably a lot deeper back in those days. At the moment it looks like you could hop across without wetting your feet.  The bridge is high off the water, so the floods would be a sight to see.

I left Sydney after the morning peak hours rush was over and this time it was a lot less busy getting out. The trip still took me four and a half hours driving time. Yeah, I wasn't rushing at all. Stopped several times for a break.  Just cruised along gently along the Putty Road. I thought it was very scenic.  Day dreamed about cycling along it.. I still having bicycle withdrawal symptoms. Still got my bike with me in the van though. And do get out and ride it. But not the same as days touring. Trade offs...

Time is a passing. And this clock says it all: