Monday, September 24, 2012


I've been catching up with friends, and rediscovering Sydney. After being away for so long, Sydney has changed. Its exciting rediscovering it. New bicycle paths, old ones upgraded. Buildings gone, renovated, demolished and a new building built. Even new roads and bridges in have been laid. 

I'm still cycling about. The van is handy at times, but bicycle still rules. With paths like this one:

Why would you drive?  This is nearby Parramatta Road. Much much nicer than being on Parramatta Road, even in a van.

Going to be staying in Sydney a while. Stuff to do, people to see. I'm expecting I'll get back travelling sometime, but not sure when. And of course I'll be taking the van with the bicycle in the back. 

One item I did sort out quickly was seeing a dentist. With the warmer weather the toothache I had has gone away, so thinking it probably was sinus related. But more surprisingly, the three cavities I "needed to have fixed" in Kalgoorlie can't be found. How good is that!!