Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Being in Sydney is really good. Lots of food choices, easy access to water. Weather isn't cold either. Had stuff to sort out, so been very quiet about being here. 

Now have sorted the most urgent task. 

Yep, bought a van. I'm a motor vehicle owner now. Was an intense and surprisingly difficult experience. After narrowing down the make and model, it was chase up adds - private and dealers - and then try to optimize the choices: year, price, km, condition being the main ones. What a minefield!

But all sorted now.


  1. Hello Megan,

    Great travels on your bike! Just wondering what size your troll is? I'm 162cm tall and am wondering if the 16 inch is right for me.

    Many thanks


  2. Go to and check the Geometry tab. I used that to pick mine. Checked it against other bikes I had handy. For me the step over height was important - I've short legs and a long torso :)
    If your in Sydney, you could try mine. When I ordered, there were no others around..

  3. Thank you, that could be a good idea. Is yours a 16 inch? What is your stand over height?

  4. Yep. Mine is a 16inch Surly Troll. Err.. its now "small" in the Surly table. Table lists the stand over height as 744.9mm. (I think this is measured from the center of the actual top tube length.)

    I'm running 2" tires. If I measure vertically from the ground up through the crank (this gives a top tube height in front of the seat, as if your standing over the bike), the top of the top tube is about 710mm off the ground. This leaves me about 80mm clearance without shoes on. So ample clearance to leap off the seat and have feet on the ground and not hit the top tube :)

    Email me if you want to try a ride. Change the blogspot to gmail.


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