Monday, July 2, 2012

Sandstone, Leinster

Paynesville Cemetry has one grave stone.. And he was killed in 1899. But on his gravestone, it is only written 99. That will catch someone out one day..

Its also amazing that at the same spot, George Ellis used to have 20acres of fruit trees and garderns, supplying fruit and veg to passing travellers. Where did it all go? Could do with some fruit and vege about the area.. Sandstone is a lovely little town. Had a wonderful tourist information center there also. I bought two dead tree books. One by a guy that tramped about the goldfields. He puts me to shame. He walked more in a day, than I'm cycling some days.. The other book on Bicycles in the Bush. Its really good.. All about bicycle use in rural Australia. Lots of fantastic info in to. The weather has been cold.. Ice on the tent each morning, so I don't get out of bed util the sun is up. Lots of reading time:)

A lookout outside of Sandstone.

Headed into Leinster from Sandstone. Its a mining town. Got a great all you can eat buffet each evening. I certainly gave it a work out. Lots of salads and fruit. Yum yum.. Also a day to do washing. Last wash was in Mingenew and it rained. The hot shower certainly felt good. The plan from here was to east, but i've a tooth that is causing me some discomfort. Since Dentists will be few and far between heading east. Okay, there will be none until Allice Springs. So I'm going to head to Kalgoorlie and find one there first and then decide what do to. So a fast pedal south.. Into the cold.. Hopefully it will not be a headwind all the way..