Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Been a wet, cold day. Was a balmy 15C overnight, and very windy. Then early this morning, the temperature dropped, and the showers started. And so it continued on and off all day, interspersed with drizzle. I wasn't expecting to make Laverton today, but had a  tailwind, and I had to keep pedalling to stay warm.
Passed a few mine sites today, and a refinery. Was interesting to see small wind mills on top of the poles, with solar panels underneath. Guess it gets windy out here.
Started seeing the car wrecks on the side of the road. The number is only going to go up from here.
Staying in the caravan park tonight. Luckily it  has a camp kitchen: a dry, warm, and out of the wind place to hang out in.
Applied for the permits for the Great Central Road at the visitors centre, and got them.  Leaving in the morning. Will be no mobile reception until Warburton, about 550km away.


  1. Hi Megan, it was an honor to meet you in the Laverton caravan park. We fossickers are in awe at your pluck! For solo travel I carry/wear a little satellite tracker you can see at In MY case it kinda tells the kids on a daily basis "Sorry no inheritance yet" but it does allow the crowd back home to see whether I'm still moving or not and where I've got too. You could also check out Delorme's InReach which is better that FindMeSpot because with that you can craft a message in the field, such as "I need and inner tube" whereas Spot only facilitates the triggering of messages saved and stored (preloaded) before the actual need arises, Spot messages can only be altered while you have internet access. Ernie (the santa claus lookalike)

  2. I just thought that I should add an explanation to any other watchers of Megan's blog about internet access between Laverton and Alice Springs. Where Megan has gone there will be NO phone or internet coverage for most of her next segment. One of our fossicking club members, on his way into Laverton, stopped to chat with her many Kilometres from Laverton and she was travelling well. So for the next little while no news is not bad news. That is what Megan was referring to when she wrote "no mobile reception until Warburton" She was taking 24 litres of water with her.(


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