Thursday, May 19, 2011

Milla Milla, Ravenshoe, Mt Garnet, Mt Surprise

Finally, I've out run the wet weather. Well maybe.. As I'm sitting here the clouds are rolling in.
I left on Monday and it was fine. Cloudy but fine until I put the tent up. Since then its been damp. I stopped at Henryetta Camp ground the first night. Nice and peaceful in my tent, the patta patta of rain drops on the roof.
Next day was into Milla Milla. A shower had started sometime in the early morning and after waiting for it to stop, I gave in and packed up in the rain. By the time I got to Milla Milla, it was still showering, and it was blowing a gale. I was so cold. Stood about in the rest area teeth clattering, shivering trying to decide if to put a jumper or thermals on or not. Shivering you'd think I would put something on - but thhe rub was that then that would get wet also. I humed and hared about for two hours before moving on without putting any more clothes on..
I took the scenic drive out of Milla Milla to Ravenshoe. Not only is it slighty shorter, its sign posted as unsuitable for caravens. Five minutes after leaving I was warm. The road was up and down, but more importantly it was out of the wind a lot of the time. The area is called Misty Mountain and on the way to Ravenshoe I passed Windy Hill - which had a wind farm. Do the fans run better in the drizzle?
Ravenshoe is Queenslands highest town (or something like that). It was dryer than Milla Milla, but still windy and showers.
I spent the night at Millstream Estate. Well a rest area. Lucky for me part of it was closed to vehicles, so I wheeled the Troll through and had the whole area to my self. Bonus was that it was further from the road. Still it showered.
I stopped briefly at Innot Hot Springs . But I'm more of a warm shower girl, and didn't get in. The only thing I wanted was for it to stop showering.
Mt Garnet information center has just opened. I'm on the first page in the visitors book! Had a cuppa tea, and dried the bike computer on top of the kettle. Sometime around Milla Milla it started playing up, and finally quit all together at Millstream Estate. 10 minutes on top of the kettle and it was back working. Now just have to keep it dry.
Another rest area near the Lyd Junction last night. Was helpful that the trucks sounded their air horn each time they passed. Wouldn't have known the time otherwise. But they where not regular. Someone missed the 3am slot. Still I was on the road early. Tent is still wet as - yep - it showered again. I fought a side wind to the turn off, than had a wonderful tail wind for a while. Cruising along at 30 to 40km/hr towards Mt Surprise.
The tail wind didn't last. The clouds are now difinitely here. I'll be fighting a side or head wind when I leave here.
It was the usual pains and aches getting going again after a month off. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Maybe the cold has stopped the pain?
No photos so far as its just been too damp.