Monday, May 23, 2011

Georgetown, Crydon

Well the rain stopped after Mt Surprise. Easy rolling into Georgetown.
Did stop and have a wash in the river before I got there.
Nothing much to say about that town. Small as they all are. Had a nice park.
On leaving there I stopped for a broken down car. Interestingly no one else had stopped for him - despite having the bonnet up and the doors open. He only needed a bit of help to get him going again. Felt good to be able to help a car driver out.
Lots of caravans and boat trailers on the road. Decided to take a dirt road that would loop into Crydon. Alias, it turned into a 120km out and back trip.The road was closed. Was a bit annoyed that the campervan that passed me when I was heading in didn't stop and say so. Would have saved me 40km of the trip.
I've noticed that there are locked gates fences up all along the road.
Some pictures for today. A genuine Aboriginal artwork on a rock.
Its a littl known fact that Burke and Wills carried their own toilet block with them on the outbound trip. They had to abandon it. Luckily I got a photo.
Note: Facts surrounding the two photos may not be 100% accurate.