Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springsure, Emerald, Clermont, Belyando Crossing, Charters Towers

Been a bit slow on the updates. Part of that is no net acceess, the other part is just lots of space and time and not much to update.
Spent the night in a gravel pit near Springsure. Was to tired to make it into town and the pit turned up at the right time. Gravel is warm in the afternoon, and then all the moisture condenses on it in the morning as it cools. Saw some meteors that night. Next morning the first road I came to was Meteor Downs Road. The next was Orion Road.
Springsure was a quiet town. Had a pack of $2 Tim Tams. Yum.
Virgin Mountain was impressive for its rock formations. No, you cant see the virgin there any more. Aparently once there was a rock that looked like te Virgin Mary, but its since eroded away.
Had a surprisingly good night sleep in Emerald near the main road. Put in the ear plugs and just slept well.
Capella has a look out just before you get into town, but I couldn't for the life of me see what your suppost to look at. The land there is flat, and I couldn't see over the crops.
Clermont as a town - I didn't like. I only stopped there long enough to get some food and water and then left. Slept that night in a cow paddock.
Belyando Crossing. 172km from Clermont and not much in between - well unless you count cow paddocks. Wasn't too bad a ride. Wind ended up being a head wind for a fair bit of the way. Bummer. Stayed the night as need a rest and its a good a place as any.
Broke another spoke next morning 15km out of town. Thats the first in a while. Hope this isn't going to be regular again. I was carrying 20liters of water since Clermont as I was told the creeks where empty. Well, some are, but some do have water in them. Dirty water true. If you want water at Belyando Crossing you have to buy it. They only get rain water so if their tank runs try they have to truck in more water. Thats pricey.
Crawled into Charters Towers this morning. Was up hill the end and a head wind. Stopped and cooked up pasta at the first picnic area.
While sitting there eating I watched a 4x4 drive over the curb, across the park and stop near the play area. Maybe they felt my contempt and loathing of them, they drove off without getting out. Why couldn't they walk the 20meters from the curb to the play area?
Weather is warmer up here. Showers should start soon also.