Monday, April 11, 2011

Boat on the Road

Riding from Belyando Crossing to Charters Towers, the day was hot and still. I was suffering. About midday, I was slowly pedalling along on the idea that just moving was cooler than sitting still. Testing if riding was better than stopping, I stopped. It wasn't.. While under some shade I could see the water mirage effect looking down the road. A semi emerged from the water and roared past. Time to get back moving. I blinked and looked again. Floating along on the water mirage was a ??? Its a boat my brain was saying. I blinked and looked a few times. Still a boat. Wow. I was in a bad way. The boat was growing larger as it come towards me. I thought maybe I should lie down and rest, drink more water, have some salt. Things are bad if I'm seeing things... Arh, sanity. It really was a boat. A really really large boat on a tiny trailer, pulled by a small ute. This boat was big! Think of a baby to the QE2. The sort of boat with a live on board crew, that the owner rocks on board for a bit of sun on the weekend. It was a big boat.
I really suspect that it wasn't legal on that trailer, towed by that ute. After it went past it had a sign hanging off the back "Wide Load" - yeah. It was wide too, and tall. It was also wobblying and swaying all over the road.
Phew, not my mind going in the heat. I had a drink and rode slowly on.