Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bicycle Bicycle - I want to ride my bicycle

YES!!! I've my bicycle back :) Soo happy..  My bike has forgiven me. Well, it is extracting some revenge. Breathing is laboured and my bum is tender - but this will pass. The joy of riding again will not though. So much better than on the motorcycle.

I'm so lucky that Claire kept my bike for me. Thanks also to Claire for giving me back a rack to be able to leave Sydney now. I ordered another Tubus Cosmo, but it has not arrived yet. So I've the old one off Claire, and she will get the new one when it arrives.

Trip to Sydney was a rush decision. Needed a break from my family, and wanted to get my bicycle. Had some other stuff to sort out, that I could have in a pinch have sorted without being in Sydney, but that just gave me an excuse to come down and get my bicycle, rather than wait for it to post up.

Not been able to catch up with all the people I wanted to. Kind of hard to fit it in with friends working. So, sorry to everyone I didn't get to see.

Heading out of Sydney tomorrow morning.