Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bicycle, Bicycle, I want to ride my Bicycle!!!!

Bicycle absence symptoms became too much. After brooding about it for a few weeks, and riding the motorcycle about - I'm getting my bicycle back.  Well, soonish.  I now rate the motorcycle as one of the silliest decisions I've made. Missing bicycling too much. So, if I'm not able to get to every part of Australia that I'd like to because of riding a bicycle, then so be it. That still leaves a heck of a lot of country to see. And in the end, I'd rather be bicycling and miss seeing things, than not cycle.

I've very very lucky that my friend Claire convinced me to leave my bicycle at her place, rather than sell it. So lucky!  Before my bicycle comes back, it is going to get an small upgrade. Yeah, going for some gears this time around. The guys at Cheeky Transport (Adam,Dave,Nic,Lee) are going to sort that out.

What I miss about the bicycle? Heres a list in no particular order.

Pedaling, the sense of achievement when you arrive at your destination, the slower speed, being involved with your surroundings,  picking up useful things (some people call this junk!!!) from the side of the road, spotting the things on the side of the road, seeing everything, the sounds of the countryside, feeling the cool air in the hollows, the gentle breezes, feel of rain falling, being warm when its wet, exercise, being able to eat all you want, not having to stop at service stations (once upon a time, you might have gotten service, now all you do is pay for the lack of service, and the petrol), not using petrol (I don' t know about you, but the smell of petrol isn't on my "nice" smells list), doing the best with where you are, the sound of your cleats clicking in, wind on your face, ease of jump on and off, being able to lift it over a fence,  the silence, not having to wear earplugs, being able to eat all you want, whirring of the free wheel, remembering the journey (you remember the hills that you struggle up, the corner when you were tired,  the view when you top a hill), downhill thrills, the tired feeling after a days cycling, hearing the birds

Well you get the idea.. Lots of good things..

I miss my bike. Hope it forgives me.