Monday, September 21, 2009


Yeah.. bit of a story. After spending 5 days camping in Watagans National Park. (I had a good time there.. no one else was at the camp sites - guess they are all working) I moved to Wolombi Pub for one night, then went to Broke. Camping in both places. Broke was a nice camp site, but got too noise - with someone wanting to keep me company so I would be lonely. They also brought their juke box along. So next day was heading to Denman very early in the morning. A rent a van stopped, and a guy lept out and said to chuck the bike in the back and he'd give me a lift. Well I said no. But we got talking, he's an artist and was heading to Tamworth to collect his paintings from the exhibition that he'd been displayed at. Obviously here I am - been helping him pack up his paintings. Ian Bettinson is his name, and the paintings were worth it. Amazing dot paintings. Glad I accepted the lift. Been here a couple of days, leaving tomorrow. Going to cycle backwards towards Sydney to see some of the national parks I skipped.

I should also add that I've been dumping stuff every stop. Getting less and less. Pushing the bike up the hills, you think carefully about what you need. Will get another shot of the bike soon. I can say that there is now space in the panniers :)