Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leaving Sydney for Morriset

Left Sydney Saturday 5th September for Morriset. Was sad saying farewell to friends over the past few weeks, and my home for the past year. Was exciting also to be finally on my way. I had lots piled on the bike. Panniers full to busting, a bag tied on top and stuff hanging off everywhere... (Anna and Serena got up early just to see me off.)

So much stuff on the bike, that first stop at Claires place we went though it all and I left another box of stuff behind - mainly clothes, and the yoga mat, thongs, etc

That reduced the weight a bit.. But by the time I got to Morriset, decided to ditch some more things. I think that managed to lose 6kg of stuff here. Decided that I didn't really need to take that extra shifting spanner (on a bike with mostly allen keys), multigrips (why??), and file (what was I thinking???).. or need so much food..(months and months supply!!!) a container of grease (on a bike with all sealed bearings!!!), half the bookcase (maps of all of Australia - what was I thinking!!!)

The twin boys here are so cute. But so much work. Always busy.. been taking naps in the day when they sleep to recover. They just turn two.
Ingo and Andrea have been so wonderful. Love Andreas cooking!. But after sorting out more stuff on the bike, time to hit the road again.. Leave Sunday for the nearest National Park.

Time to hit the road.