Monday, September 24, 2012


I've been catching up with friends, and rediscovering Sydney. After being away for so long, Sydney has changed. Its exciting rediscovering it. New bicycle paths, old ones upgraded. Buildings gone, renovated, demolished and a new building built. Even new roads and bridges in have been laid. 

I'm still cycling about. The van is handy at times, but bicycle still rules. With paths like this one:

Why would you drive?  This is nearby Parramatta Road. Much much nicer than being on Parramatta Road, even in a van.

Going to be staying in Sydney a while. Stuff to do, people to see. I'm expecting I'll get back travelling sometime, but not sure when. And of course I'll be taking the van with the bicycle in the back. 

One item I did sort out quickly was seeing a dentist. With the warmer weather the toothache I had has gone away, so thinking it probably was sinus related. But more surprisingly, the three cavities I "needed to have fixed" in Kalgoorlie can't be found. How good is that!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Being in Sydney is really good. Lots of food choices, easy access to water. Weather isn't cold either. Had stuff to sort out, so been very quiet about being here. 

Now have sorted the most urgent task. 

Yep, bought a van. I'm a motor vehicle owner now. Was an intense and surprisingly difficult experience. After narrowing down the make and model, it was chase up adds - private and dealers - and then try to optimize the choices: year, price, km, condition being the main ones. What a minefield!

But all sorted now.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Broken Hill

Eventually had to leave Wilmington. Headed to Orroroo. Decided to use the GPS and try the suggested bicycle route. It was certainly low traffic and I thought very scenic. It was also 30km longer than the road, and had a good tour de hills of the region.

Did I mention it was dirt. Well, it some places it was grass, no one had been down the road in so long. Certainly was a nice ride. The down side was that with the cold morning, I left late, and then arrived in Orroroo very late. The lady at the newsagency was nice. But, if you end up down that way, stop in Peterborough, or Wilmington. DO NOT stop or stay in Orroroo. I didn't enjoy the stop in Orroroo, that is all I'll say about the town. I found out heading to Peterborough that there is a free camp on that road. I did ask about free camps, but was told there are none. If I'd known... Left very early next morning. Broke my don't get up under 5C rule. Was worse as there was a morning fog as well. But by "sun up" (sun didn't actually shine until way late in the day) I was cycling towards Peterborough and then onto Broken Hill. Was over cold, wet and winds, and more than a bit annoyed over Orroroo, and didn't want to find more towns south like that. I also wanted to see trees again.

Though the trip to Broken Hill didn't have a lot of trees. Lots of space though... But tough for winds. Strong winds were forcast for several days. I was going to stay in Broken Hill until they passed, but then I spoke with the wonderful lady in the information center. There were lots of accomodation options, but Broken Hill is on the Country Link rail network. Rode over to the train station, and dealt with the very very helpful Trevor, at the Country Link booking office.

Few hours later I was wheeling my bike onto the Indian Pacific and resting in a very comfortable chair. Only 16 hours later, after a good sleep, I wheeled my bike off the train in Sydney. Indian Pacific train is not a Country Link train, but the bookings are done at the same place. I don't recall the price of Country Link, but $168 seemed to me to be a bargin. Definitely recommend travelling with them. Now I'm in Sydney.