Saturday, March 23, 2024

Assembly Time!

More sanding and gluing. The door and surrounds. Glued the door frame to the walls. Found out later I made a mistake on the measurement. Door was too narrow. Forgot to add on the wall thickness. Lucky for me I was able to cut the excess off. 

More laminating. More tries with epoxy. More tries with glue. Right now, I've delaminated more than I've laminated. Decided to give up with both and stick to using paint.  Laminated the underside of the roof while it was flat on the floor. Figured it would be easier than upside down.

Moved the chassis to the garage and assembled the walls and roof on it. Finally it's starting to look like a caravan.  Glued the side walls to the floor. Going to hold out on the front wall and the roof until after some of the internal fit out is completed.  

Looking from the front towards the rear doorway. Roof is on to help stabilise the walls.