Monday, November 8, 2021

End of Lockdown

Was a roller coaster of a time with the COVID lockdown. I wasn't isolated alone. I had many visitors. Some more regular than others.

Keeping me company

Not a conversationalist though. I'd walk each day. Sometimes my mate would follow up the street.

There was a large uptick in people walking or jogging. Very noticeable in the afternoon. Only the keen are out early on winter mornings.

I hatched another plan. Build a new cart. It did help keep me busy.


Lots of thinking on the design, drawing plans. Then the actual work. "Measure twice, cut once." says the proverb. Great advice. Doesn't help if the measurement is wrong. Mistakes were made in the plan. But harder to fix mistakes were made in the building. But eventually it was together.

Awaiting painting

And it seemed like suddenly, lockdown was over.

I'm busting to go places. But, I'm laid low again. Sore feet. Why? I don't know. Nothing changed one week to the next, but something did. Walking or cycling both affect it. I'm doing the standard protocol for recovery: rest, anti inflammatories, stretching and hoping that it heals soon. Feeling "up" on the days I wake and it feels improved. Trying not to feel "down" when it is worse.

And more sad news: Omelet and Dinner have departed. After the last post, I was patting myself on the back for taking good care of them. And then a magpie attacked them. Just one magpie of the couple that visit was paying them a lot of attention. I thought I had them safe in their cage. But the magpie proved smarter than me. It waited until they were close to the wire and managed to spike both of them in the head. Dinner passed on first, Omelet about a week later. I decided not to try again.