Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Final Cart

I finally finished building my PVC cart. It has three modes

Long mode:

With the handles extended. They clip to a waist belt for easy walking.

Medium mode:
With the handles stowed for short indoors trips.

Short mode:
The shopping cart look. For indoors and on public transport. It is easier to handle compared to Medium mode.

All great and wonderful. Took it for a few short walks while I was working out the bugs. Then set off on a 20km shakedown trip.

Few days later I started developing sore knees. I'm not sure why. The walk was easy. Nothing hard, no big hills. No rush. I took all day for 20km. So lots of resting, reading, and watching the world go by. 20km wasn't an unusual distance. My daily morning constitutional was 12km at a brisk pace. Then the days activities were on top of that. Usually a lot more walking, but some cycle rides.

A physio visit later and the diagnosis was "tendinitis". Treatment: Nothing surprising. Cut the activity levels right down. Cycling is preferable as it's low impact. Only about two or three months to recover. 😦

So, here I am, recovering, again. Starting to feel that the idea of walking with a cart is jinxed.