Tuesday, December 15, 2020


"A change is as good as a holiday"1.

On that: I've now had a holiday. It was to have been a week, but unexpectedly extended to over two. House sitting, well, more garden sitting. Normal stuff. Water the plants. Try not to kill anything. Easy enough. I mostly succeeded. Some over 40C days and snails did in a few seedlings. Acceptable losses.

Meanwhile, I walked a lot. Checking out the sights:

I like the pictures. They are easy to relate to. Tags 2 are harder to appreciate. They are in the same group as Pollock paintings3; some people love them, but to everyone else, it is just unintelligible scribble. I'd rate tags higher than Pollock paintings. Tags I can see mean something. There are letters there to be found like a Magic Eye4 puzzle. It's a code, a language, it means something. Pollock paintings just look like scribble. Something a toddler did.

Why is one is called "art" and put on display to sell for millions, while the other is called "graffiti" and costs millions to clean off or paint over? Listen to Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast Season 5, Episode 1 Dragon Psychology 101 for some ideas.