Thursday, January 11, 2018

Southern Highland, the beyond

The return trip was without the cart; carrying everything. Total carry weight was about 22 kg. Of that 12.5 kg was water with 10 L in one container. It quickly got old carrying that one: both arms in front, left arm, right arm. Even tried sitting it on my head for a bit. Was very thankful that the walking in was over. The cart, for the problems it had, was definitely better for transporting a load.

Followed my own advice and had less gear, so walking around without the water was a lot easier.  Total pack weight was less than 9kg. I left behind items that in the past I'd considered essential. Less clothing, less food, less camp items. It wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it might be, and more after a few more test camps it settings normal. While there, I tested some other ideas; wearing less clothing to sleep and sleeping mat size. The outcome was that I now cut my sleeping mat shown to torso length, and I no longer carry a set of thermals.

My bug net wasn't midge proof. It was only for mosquito. It was also getting rather a lot of holes in it. After much deliberation I ordered a tent. 750gm total with tent pegs. But it does need a hiking pole to erect it. Spacious it isn't. Body bag or coffin comes to mind. It seemed a good idea at the time. Lots of testing showed it wanted perfectly flat ground to put it up. I have doubts that the fly is the same model as the inner. But I did figure out how to put it up. The first night I used it, I was glad to be in it when it started raining. Lying there, I couldn't imaging trying to get in if it was raining, or pack up in the rain. I threw out the fly and returned to using the tarp. The inner I've kept and use under the tarp.  The tarp has a lot of space under it, and I can put it up fast. When it's raining, put the tarp up first, then hang out under it in the dry. Set up the bug net, spread out wet gear. Packing up is the reverse. Easy peasy.

I've been on the road a few days now living out of my pack. It still needs some more tweeking. I still have too much gear with me. And I think I can do better with what I do have.  As in change it for something else or use it differently to how I am currently.