Friday, 15 July 2016

Sydney - Cairns

I did leave Sydney with the K-Mart bike to head north.  The bike worked well. The front forks stayed rigid and showed no signs of movement. Gearing was higher than I'd like - so did a fair bit of walking. With all the walking, I started having foot problems. My feet were still not up to walking much. With most of the trip still to go, I decided to return to Sydney to recover.

The body healed with rest, but then there was a family incident, so I flew to Cairns with just a the essentials in a backpack - electronics, sleeping bag, clothes, cooking gear, tarp, bug net and miscellaneous items. I like to be independent. The original plan was to either fly back to Sydney or walk with the backpack. However, the walk from the airport had me thinking that some wheels might be better. So after much searching about, I found some.

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  1. It sounds really alluring to just drop everything and go explore the world for the rest of your life. However, now isn’t the right time for me but in the future the option might just re-open for me as the thought is still present. Sydney is indeed a nice place to hit with so many attractions and sceneries to enjoy and countless other cities within Australia as well.


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